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Professional Green Screen software
Auto replaces Green background with 8 pre-selected backgrounds
Keeps Green Clothes
one click and keeps the green clothes while replacing green background
Batch processing
hundreds of images  can be processed without requiring direct interaction with your computer with 8 pre-selected backgrounds
 Green Screen Photo-Booth
Touch screen photo booth with 16 pre-selected backgrounds and 6 custom borders
Hot folder
Tether your camera to your computer
Photoshop integration 
 Create Photoshop  PSD files with layers and smart objects for superb green screen removal

Sample Green clothes on green screen and Chroma Genie is the only green screen software that will replace the green background Automatically with only one click.  Chroma Genie can produce the same image with 8 backgrounds no other green screen software can do this.

absolute best chroma keyed out there.

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What sets us apart is our multitalented, service-minded staff that can make it happen no matter what the need. If you’ve got questions, we’ll get answers.


Professional Green Screen Software for professional Labs, studios, event and school photographers.

The Green Genie software — used in professional labs all over USA, Canada, and England. The Green Genie green screen software is more that just green screen replacement software. With other software, you need an assistant or a crew to convert images at an event. Our Green Screen software converts and prints your images directly from your camera, without touching your computer with our auto-print option.

  • Save money and time with exceptional image quality
  • Green on Green with single click 
  • Works with green screen or blue screen, High key, Gray  Backgrounds
  • Removes dark shadows    
  • No color shifting like some other software 
  • produces the best chroma key results even with poor lighting or dark shadows
  • Head Shots,  model portfolios, family, and pet portraits are all enhanced with The Green Genie!
  • Free backgrounds images included
  • Sports cards 
  • Magazine covers
  • Auto layers  
  • Auto Print
  • Auto background
  • Drag and Drop 

Receive Free Green Genie, Green Screen Support, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. PT Mon-Fri (Yes, we’re based in the USA!)   

Full support included for installation and first steps.  Just ask us – we are happy to help you.

The Chroma Genie ( Stand Alone green screen software version- non-Photoshop)

Chroma Genie (non-Photoshop green screen software version (chroma key software removal )) will remove shadows, Green clothes on Green screen, no need to create a mask it just does it with simple one-click chroma key software removal.

Chroma Genie

Sample Green clothes on green screen and Chroma Genie is the only green screen software that will replace the green background Automatically with only one click.  chroma genie can produce the same image with 8 backgrounds no other green screen software can replace green screen background with new 8 different backgrounds per image.

Green Clothes  On Green screen  Samples

Green Clothes on green background


The Green Genie (Photoshop green screen software version)

Our Professional green screen software with Photoshop support (Photoshop chroma key software removal), will convert green screen images from 1-3000  with one click, also offers Photoshop PSD (Photoshop layers) files for more control of chroma keying masking, you may run Photoshop actions before the image conversion or after the green screen or blue screen was removed, you can create many versions of the same image with different backgrounds and allow more.. all this without even opening the Photoshop.


The Green Genie is an affordable Photoshop version
 easy to use Chroma Key Software

Support for Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6. Clouds allow users to apply blending and green screen replacement automatically,  providing photographers who shoot school, sports, or event photography with a powerful addition to their workflow. With Genie Batch, you can convert 1-3000 images in batch mode replacing the green screen or blue screen automatically.  Also, you can use Photoshop action and Photoshop Plug-in. You can add personalized frames and borders automatically, on-site viewing, on-site printing, add frames and borders automatically and auto printing too!
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